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A multi-fandom (also multi-shipping) blog, with the occasional tumblr randomness, sprinkled with feminism and LGBT support. She/her/hers pronouns.  Current major fandoms include: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Animorphs, Avengers/MCU

Forever alone fandoms that never show up on my dash so I probably never reblog them: Shadow Raiders, Beast Wars, ReBoot, Gargoyles, Kiesha'ra

Other fandoms: Doctor Who, Young Avengers, various Marvel comics, Teen Wolf, Avatar: The Last Airbender, MLP, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Welcome to Nightvale, World of Warcraft,

Fandoms I reblog but that I'm not technically part of: Supernatural

I try to tag everything but sometimes I forget.

I also have a nsfw blog over at and an Ask Blog for any of my RPG characters at
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